Note: Images from the performance are not available in digital format
02 Waltz of the Snowflakes_Snrs03 Entrance to the Land of Sweets_04 Chocolate_Spanish Dance05 Hot Chocolate_Modern Jazz 206 Objection Tango_Modern Jazz 507 Dance of the Mirlitons_Grades 3 4 and 5 Ballet08 Coffee in Brazil_Jnr Modern Jazz09 Coffee_Arabian Dance_Snr Part Time Students10 Tea_Chinese Dance_Pre Primary Ballet11 Chinese Paradise_Contemporary12 Gingerbread_Primary Ballet13 Trepak_Russian Dance_Acro 1 and 214 Milkshake_Tint Tots A and B Jazz15 Waltz of the Flowers_Jnr and Snr Performance Group16 Sugar Plum & Prince17 PRINCE_Variation 118 SUGAR PLUM FAIRY_Variation 219 Sugar Plum Fairy and Prince_Coda20 Finale21 AWARDS and PRESENTATIONS